Welcome to the Terre des Hommes Child Safeguarding Online-Training Course.


This induction course explains standards and procedures that Terre des Hommes follows to avoid and reduce chances of children being harmed by our programming. This course is for all staff members and volunteers of Terre des Hommes member organisations of the International Federation, for partner organisations and affiliates. 

As part of our responsibility to keep all children safe from harm, it is a mandatory requirement that all those working with Terre des Hommes, in any capacity, have basic training in child safeguarding, and are aware of their own role and responsibility in relation to ensuring that children we work with are safe. 

The online-course follows international child safeguarding standards based on Keeping Children Safe that Terre des Hommes abides by. You will find links with specific procedures and policies of your respective TDH member organisation.  

The course lasts about forty-five minutes and ends with a quiz. You can stop it at any time and resume later. Once you have finished the course and the quiz successfully you will be able to print out a certificate to record your participation in the course.

Keywords: responsibility to keep children safe, child safeguarding policy and procedures, child safeguarding focal point, types of violence, harm, case scenarios, preventive action, risk assessment, recognise harm, report harm, whistleblowing, UN Child Rights Convention.

Module 1: Introduction to child safeguarding and child harm

Learning objectives: 

  • ability to define child safeguarding, explain Terre des Hommes’ responsibility to keep children safe,
  • list the reasons why children might be harmed by organisations even organisations that are trying to help them and list and describe four types of violence that lead to harm

Module 2: Preventing Violence against Children

Learning Objectives:

  • take preventative actions to reduce the possibility of children being harmed by our programming,
  • carry out a risk assessment 

Module 3: Recognising and Reporting Violence Against a Child

Learning Objectives:

  • recognise when children have been harmed or are at risk of being harmed,
  • report harm and violence against a child properly,
  • respond appropriately when a child tells you they have been harmed

Disclaimer: This module on child safeguarding may raise sensitive issues and emotions. Please complete this course at a time when you can sit quietly, free from distractions and interruptions.

If this module raises any issues and you would like to speak to someone, contact your Child Safeguarding Focal Point or Safeguarding Officer.

The pictures of the children and adults are not necessarily the persons described in the text.