Welcome to Shifting Norms around Violence in Schools

An E-Module for Trainers and Facilitators Working with Children and Young People.

Who is the E-Module for?

This Guide is written for adults, including trainers, facilitators, teachers or school staff, who will be working with children and young people in schools and alternative education centres.

What is the purpose of the E-Module?

With the help of this E-Module, you will explore ideas to take children and young people on a journey to explore social and gender norms around violence against children in their school and community, and engage them in activities to build on positive norms to address harmful norms related to violence against children. There is a training manual that accompanies this course. 

What age groups of children and young people is the E-Module intended for?

All activities in the e-module are applicable to learners and to the children and young people they work with aged 13 to 18 years old.

Time needed to complete module

In order to successfully complete this module, you will need about 5 hours to review the material, watch the videos and complete the activities.

E-Module Objectives

This E-Module will increase your knowledge about social and gender norms that promote violence against children in schools and how to change them.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this E-Module, you will be able to:

  • Describe activities to identity types of violence against children that may happen in your school
  • Explain what social and gender norms are Identify social and gender norms that support violence against children in your school
  • Name ways that may be able to change negative social and gender norms
  • Name positive social and gender norms that can keep children safe
  • Facilitate activities that support children and young people
  • Evaluate ways to make positive change in your school that may shift social and gender norms to reduce violence against children



 Co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (2014-2020)